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Sustainable Britain Limited (SBL) is part of the Connolly & Callaghan Group. Formed in 2013, it was set up to develop high quality housing with strong social and environmental values that better serves the needs of the community.

After 30 years in the property industry, C&C launched SBL to build houses at the forefront of sustainable construction and energy performance through using bio-materials - wood and straw. This is achieved using the Modcell straw bale modular system.

This makes our houses are carbon negative, locking up to 34 tonnes of carbon in the fabric of the house itself. These super-insulated homes have been shown to save up to 90% of energy bills, making them very affordable to run and heat, and safeguarding owners against future energy bill rises.


Affordability: Our homes will be constructed and sold at an open market value for the product.

Sustainability: Our homes will be built to high environmental standards, including up to 90% reduction heating costs of a standard home.

Community: Selected projects will be built in partnership with local community organisations to foster genuine community atmosphere from the outset.